Invitation to participate in work to conduct on 3 studies
Invitation to participate in work to conduct on 3 studies

Invitation to participate in work to conduct on 3 studies

Sabbarah for Educational Evaluation & Testing seeks help in conducting the following studies:

Study 1: A comprehensive survey of general cognitive ability tests (with special emphasis on employment selection). The objectives of this survey are:

Provide theoretical basis for cognitive ability testing in the area of employment selection.

Explore best practices and methodologies to develop, manage, deliver, maintain, and sustain a highly secured cognitive ability test for the purpose of employment selection.

Explore and identify best practices and procedures to develop cognitive ability tests with respect to all the steps in test development: content dimensions, type and number of items, number of test forms, measurement model, equating design, scaling, and ways to insure built in validity in the process of test development.

Determine the kind of validation studies needed to support the interpretation and use of the test.

Study 2: Evaluation of selected general cognitive ability tests. The objectives of this study are:

Provide detailed reviews of selected tests used in employment selection: purposes, content dimensions, delivery platforms, type of scores, spread of uses, availability of validity research, technical quality, availability of documentations,,,

A list of cognitive ability tests ranked by their popularity of use and compliance with the principals and professional standards for testing (APA, NCMA, AERA & SIOP standards).

The most important considerations need to be taken from these tests, especially with regard to the planned test’s specifications.

Study 3: International experiences and practices in using employment testing in general and cognitive ability tests in particular. The objectives of this study are:

Gain basic knowledge and understanding of tests and tools used in employment selection in different countries around the world (mainly in the USA and Europe).

Provide practical justification for the use of general cognitive ability tests in employment selection.

Understand major challenges facing employment testing, opportunities and solutions to deal with them.

Explore the possibilities for using some of existing tests for concurrent validation.

The findings of all of these three studies will be input for the cognitive ability test’s plan and specifications.

We expect that there will be at least one researcher for each study, and there will be no travel involved. The time limit for finishing each study is 3 months. This includes time for peer reviewing, revision, editing, and translating into Arabic (translation is not part of assignment). Further details will be provided regarding contents of studies, compensation, and terms of delivering reports upon request.